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Blogging Tip of the Day! - Sneak Peek at How Your Blog is Performing

This is another great tip from Victoria. Her blog is one of the best on activerain....check it out and fav it. This particular blog helps you see what your blog is doing with respect to search engine placement.

Google Analytics is great for gathering information about the performance of your site, but it can be an overwheming amount of information for a lot of bloggers. Here are two quick and easy ways to gather a bite-size amount without making your head spin! 

1).Generally, the more pages your site has within the Google cache, the better your website rankings, blog authority and search engine placement for the blog posts you write. To find out how many pages of your blog are indexed, type into the Google search box: site:yourdomain (no http//).


The results will show you the total number of blog pages indexed as well as each page. 

2).  Blog authority is what we all want for search engine placement and one of the ways you get it is by people liking your content and linking back to your blog. 

You can actually find out how many inbound links and Re-Tweetes you got from the last three posts you wrote by typing into Website (give a new post at least 48 hours).

Keep in mind that Website Grader is good for obvious problems or areas you might want to focus on. However, it isn't the end-all, tell-all for your blog SEO. I use it primarily as a quick scan and for checking out activity on recent blog posts.

 Happy Blogging!

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Blogging Tip of the Day! - Sneak Peek at How Your Blog is Performing
This is another great tip from Victoria. Her blog is one of the best on ActiveRain… check it out and fav it. This particular blog helps you see what your blog is doing with respect to search engine placement. Google Analytics is great for… more
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