The Space Coast Beach Blog: May 2012

Space Coast Restaurant Review: Bizzaro Pizza in Indialantic, FL

First things first...a bunch of places all along the Space Coast are called Bizzarro...the ONLY one I am reviewing is the location at the very end of 5th Ave in Indialantic...right on the beach! The others have mixed results at best with some not worth reviewing at all.

That being said...The Original Bizzarro New York Pizza on 5th Ave is without question the best pizza on the Space Coast (the best cheese pizza, best white pizza...and best Sicilian pizza). This place has large thin crust NY style pizza that will make you feel like you just got off a plane at JFK.

They sell full pies as well as by the slice ($2.75 for a cheese or white slice) and they serve fountain drinks and beer as well as a very good full Italian menu (try the eggplant parmigiana sub). A couple of words of advice...they only take cash (they do have an ATM machine) and they have a few spots out front but they are usually taken so bring some quarters for the pay parking.

Come to Bizzarro...order a slice or two...and maybe a beer  Sit out on the deck and watch the beach and boardwalk crowd go by. You will love the place...right down to the rude New Yorkers behind the counter (they are not really rude...just really from NY so be


Jeffrey DiMuria

Waves Realty
2018 Melbourne Ct, suite 206
Melbourne, FL 32901

Phone: 321.223.6253         


Space Coast Restaurant Review: Bizzaro Pizza in Indialantic, FL
First things first… a bunch of places all along the Space Coast are called Bizzarro… the ONLY one I am reviewing is the location at the very end of 5th Ave in Indialantic… right on the beach! The others have mixed results at best with some… more
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